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of PASH.


Once upon a time a group of creative minds teamed up and allowed their imaginations to fly.

Filled with inspiration, hope, and a desire to fuel dreams for a better world, they came up with a concept: Pash. 

We came together at the end of 2022 after having worked together for a couple of years at a sustainability tech start-up. We came up with a simple idea, or rather a solution to a problem we had had while working in the startup world.

What is the idea?

The idea is simple. A strong brand changes everything. Startups, grassroots organizations and companies alike, need strong branding to succeed. They need a dynamic branding process that gives their name the legitimacy that they need to be successful, without compromising the dynamic agility of the organization. Instead, they need branding that will impulse them further.

The problem: The clash between startups and branding.

When working at a startup the marketing focus is dominated by conversations around KPIs for customer acquisition, funnel conversion, retention, and overall growth. This is crucial to the success of any organization getting started. Nonetheless, the extreme focus on immediate growth leaves little room for discussion or consideration of a very important long-term asset. Brand equity.


The neglect of branding ends up costing startups. Elevated branding and strong brand equity actually impulses marketing efforts' effectiveness and are elements 100% aligned with the success of a startup's survival and growth. Unfortunately, because the immediate impact of branding often seems subjective and difficult to measure, it is not a priority or not even considered.


What is the solution? How did you come up with it?

While working at a startup, everything is constantly changing. We realized while working in this world that the one constantly evolving, improving and growing factor of our work as a marketing team had been the brand we created.


We also stopped to realize how valuable yet intrinsically difficult and time-consuming creating a brand had been, especially for a small startup with limited resources. Nonetheless, the value that we had created was palpable. Having a strong brand made all the difference. Our customers immediately perceived our company as trustworthy just by taking a glance at our website.

The story continues...

We realized that we were the solution to many startups' branding challenges. Our team was the dynamic approach to branding that startups need in order to provide their business with legitimacy without losing their flexibility and ability to be nimble. 


Our passion has been to solve big problems in society and to promote the success and empowerment of mission-driven businesses. We realized that the way we could satisfy our professional ambitions was by instead of only developing one brand, specializing in what we did best, branding.


That is when a butterfly was born. Pash. 2023 is when we've decided to make it a reality. We see ourselves as the agents of change, the experts of metamorphosis. Having gone through it ourselves, we are now on a quest to help others transform their ideas into fully formed butterflies that make our world brighter.

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