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Art can change the world.

At Pash, it is our core belief that branding is the most relevant and powerful modern art form in the world we live in today.

At Pash, it is our core belief that branding is the most relevant and powerful modern art form in the world we live in today.

Throughout history, we have seen how art has empowered ideas and people to change the world. In today’s modern society, brands play a role like never before in shaping the world we live in.

People have the power to change the world we live in through their consumption habits and choices. The power of the people and collective masses lies in their ability to wield economic power to shift trends and to such extent that they can make companies change their business conducts. In a sense, this can be perceived as a new form of modern passive activism.

Today, the most successful brands are not only expected to deliver great products and/or services, the modern-day consumer expects a brand to represent something bigger, ideals, values, and even a belief system. We are seeing an unprecedented wave of a rise in consumer conscience when making purchasing decisions. This is giving rise to a collective of new businesses that have a different approach to the traditional method of starting and running a business, which focuses less on increasing margins at any cost and more on innovating sustainable practices while still generating profit.

One of the struggles with these new businesses, like with any new business is their barrier to entry. Much like in the art world, an artist takes time to be recognized, to the point that when they are, their new work makes a statement backed up by a brand made up of a lifetime of works. This makes people listen to what they have to say. Whereas, it is harder for new artists to enter the collective consciousness in a society and have their statements be heard. This happens to such an extent that many times it is not due to a lack of talent, artists are never discovered.We believe it is the same with great ideas and businesses fueled by these ideas. That’s where we come in.

We believe that many of the ideas that power art, and the ideas behind new businesses for good resonate with people, mark trends, and ultimately change the world. We are here to help those businesses not be struggling artists, but instead to accelerate the distinction with which their art will shine by working with their designers and creative teams to make a masterpiece that stands out and demands to be heard. We work with businesses that resonate with our ideals and vision for the future. Businesses that bring to life solutions, that make the world we live in better or change industries and even whole societies and cultures.

We build successful brands not strictly by creating great design, we create ground-breaking brands by creating art. Art encompasses great design, values, ideals, and a collection of assets that provoke sensory reactions and interactions by telling a story. A good story that is memorable. Art can change the world and we are in the business of creating modern-day masterpieces for groundbreaking businesses that are powered by revolutionary ideas. This is our creative vision. This is Pash.

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