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The women behind Pash.

Creatives with experience building global brands.

Meet our creative team. The driving force behind Pash. We are a team of creative spirits that have come together to bring our ideas to life. We believe that art can change the world. To us, the most relevant and powerful form of art is branding. We are here to help ideas transform into powerful statements by creating and building brands for the clients with which we partner.

Paula Michelle Andrade

Pash Founder

Paula is a Chilean-Californian Entrepreneur based in Barcelona. She is an award-winning, international marketing executive who has built brands in North America, Latin America and Europe. A few of these brands include: Uber, Goin, and Recyclops.

Hali Jex

Art Director

Hali is a graphic designer turned Creative inspired by art history and minimalism who has a knack for disrupting convention and breaking stereotypes. She has experience as a creative director for start-ups as well as nationwide corporations.

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